Herbal Treatment Certification Courses

Online Diploma presents an opportunity for all qualified and experienced herbal treatment experts to become a certified practitioner. Offered by the Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research, (IAMR), the certification courses in Herbal Treatments or Medicinal Herbalism help practitioners to enhance their knowledge and capabilities, and gain the right to legally practice this form of alternative medicines in any part of the country.

Who Qualifies for Certification Consideration?

The certification requires no real preparation, as it is meant for those who are already in the field of herbal treatments. Those that qualify for consideration include qualified as well as experienced practitioners. The certification is internationally recognized and provides an ideal growth platform to many practitioners from all across the country, and beyond.

Why Get Certified?

Herbal treatments and remedies have long been recognized as safe alternatives for allopathic medications. Over the years, considerable ground has been covered and the remedies and treatments have gone mainstream. It thus makes perfect sense to all practitioners to ensure that they have the right certification for their knowledge, experience, and training.
In addition, government regulations, employers, and even patients require solid credentials as a form of validation of your knowledge and skills in the field of herbalism. The certifications covers various elements, including but not restricted to:

  • Therapeutic strategies
  • Herbal medicinal formulae and ingredients
  • Toxicity of various herbs

Why Apply Through Us?

Online Diploma is the go-to institution when it comes to the provision of preventive medicine certification courses. We are proud to have been in the field for over a decade and adhere to strict ethical practices to preserve the integrity of all certifications that we facilitate. We also constantly re-evaluate our partnerships and affiliations for the same purpose, to ensure all experts gain maximum value from the certifications.

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