The Institute ensures maximum cure from all forms of Nature Cure Treatment like Hydrotherapy, Mud Therapy, Osteopathy, Chromo therapy, Physiotherapy & Magneto therapy. It also provides its patients with the benefit of Steam, Jet, Sauna, Hip & Spinal Baths, Mud Packs, Enema & other required treatments which have proved their efficacy in Nature Cure Therapy with many years of application throughout the world.

Besides these various forms of natural treatment our physicians enhances their curative measures by laying special importance on te healing powers of yoga. Experienced persons guide the patients in Yogic Kriya. Asanas & Pranayamas to ensure perfection in performance for full benefit.

Meditation is also incorporated within the schedule for deep influence on their bodies & mind.

Along with treatment our Institute gives special eye to the diet of the individual patient. The Diet Department serves exclusively prepared vegetarian food cooked in modern hygienic kitchen. Organically grown cereals, fruits& vegetables supplemented with nuts and milk provides the wholesomeness & nutrition required to recoup the body’s lost health and fortify it against diseases.

Since food is a vital part of the treatment and is curiously proportioned by the physician to meet the needs of the individual patients, so no outside food is allowed during this interim.