Along with the opportunity of qualifying as healers by imparting the invaluable knowledge of Alternative Medicines, the IAMR unveils unto you life’s rarest experience – wellness, in a natural way.

The IAMR assists exhausted souls to rejuvenate their toxic body tissues with natural therapies at the “NC&YRI”-the largest Nature Cure Institute in Eastern, Central, & Northern India. This Institute successfully aims at scientifically treating ailments through Drugless system of Nature Cure treatment. Here “Disease” is looked upon as the accumulation of toxins within our bodies, the purgation of which leads to well being. Nature Cure basis itself on the principle that human body is capable of healing itself with the effective use of the five most powerful elements of Nature-Earth, Water, Sun, Air & Ether.

At our “NC&YRI” patients are examined by highly qualified physicians who determine their ailments and accordingly chart out their diets and treatment which eventually leads to their well being.