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Starts: 24 September, 2015
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Instructors: Direct Exams
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Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate/Doctorate Degrees are also awarded on the basis of direct examinations. A candidate must have a minimum of five years experience in the specific discipline in which he or she seeks a diploma, degree or post-graduate degree and must possess the minimum academic qualification required for admission to the relevant course. All formalities can be carried out through correspondence.
Qualified and experienced candidates can apply for the direct award of Diplomas, Degrees, Post Graduate / Doctorate Degrees on the basis of their experience and qualifications.


Short term certificate courses are held regularly in the various disciplines of alternative medicines in addition to orientation courses and workshops in different complementary medical therapies, traditional medicine and holistic healing in general.


Special courses are arranged on request. These courses are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the students. The university also has a number of students from overseas for whom special arrangements are made. Duration of these courses are fixed according to the convenience of the students and range from three days to six months or more depending on the student’s requirements.


Programme’s of three to five days duration on the importance of health and the ways and means of ensuring and maintaining one’s health conducted by leading health care professionals are held on a regular basis.
Please note that we are only the document receiving and checking center. All certificates and courses offered are processed by
Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research (I.A.M.R), in Kolkata, India. We hold no responsibility or control on issuing or declining of any certificate. I.A.M.R is a private institute and is issuing certificates based on your merits.