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  Get Certified as R.M.P - (AM)  in India
(Registered Medical Practitioner - Alternative Medicine)

No Study required. 

Get it on bases of your experience

For applicants  in INDIA only

Announcement on FEE :

1. Current fee for R.M.P (A.M) is Rs 19,500/- Registration based on your experience.

2. Current fee for B.A.S.M (A.M) is Rs 25,500/- Bachelors in Alternative System of Medicine, its possible to get this with RMP (AM) same time.

3. Current fee for M.D (A.M) is Rs 38,500/- Doctorate of Medicine in Alternative Medicine. Only possible if you have B.A.S.M (AM)
or you can apply all (1,2,3) three in one go.

Also for persons practicing Acupressure, Acupuncture, Bach Flower remedies, Yoga, Massage, Herbal Treatments, Magnetic Therapies, Su Jok or  any form of "Alternative Medicine" in India. You can issue medical certificates and refer your patients for x-rays / CT scans or any other test.  life time certificate, no renewal required.

(We welcome all institutes providing education on any form of "Alternative Medicine"  for partnerships  in providing
Registered Medical Practitioner (Alternative Medicine) R.M.P (A.M) certification to their ex - current students)

(practice of ENGLISH medicines is not permitted. Only MBBS doctor, registered with "MCI" can practice that.)

Recognition Legality Validity
Legality, Validity & Utility of the training course, practical and research in the field of "Alternative System of Medicines" are in conformity with the constitution of India and laws of the land.

All courses of the IBAM are approved and recognized by the Indian Govt. of west Bengal State & Senate of THE OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY.

Successful and trained students of the Board can practice and profess the various system of alternative medicines in India as per rules and regulations of IMAR Registration from "Indian Board of Alternative medicines" will be given as per Medical Council of India letter no. MCI - 34(I) / 96 Med./ 10984.
1. The Registered Medical Practitioner - Alternative Medicine (RMP - AM) is declared as a qualified person to practice and shall not be convicted or punished by any Govt. in India.
2. The (RMP - AM) is also eligible to issue medical certificates. These rights are mentioned in the registration certificate also
3. Registration from Medical Council of India is NOT required to practice the alternative system of medicines as per their letter no. MCI - 34(I)/ 96 Med./ 10984. This letter is addressed to the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata

No Harassment to Alternative Medical Practitioners Hon'ble Supreme Court
Contents of the Judgment of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India Dated: 24.11.2000
(In the Judgment and Order Date 18.11.1998 in F.A.O. No. 205/92)
For want of certain clarification etc. Delhi Govt. & Union of India (Ministry of Health & F.W.) Has filled an appeal (SLP) in the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India challenging the order of Hon'ble Delhi High Court Dt. 18.11.1998. upon hearing on 12.11.2000 the Division Bench of Hon'ble Justice R.C. Lahoti & Hon'ble Justice Shivraj V. Patil has rejected the plea of Delhi Govt. & Union of India and finally on 24.11.2000 the bench of the Hon'ble court Comprising Justice Rajendra Babu and B.N.Agarwal has declined to entertain the matter and SLP filed by petitioner (Delhi Govt. & Union of India) has been dismissed. The Hon'ble Supreme court of India also maintained that status quo of the order of Hon'ble Delhi High Court (FAO No.205/92) Dt. 18.11.1998 by which it has been ordered that any legally constituted institution imparting Educational facilities in the filed a Alternative Medicines may issue diploma/certificate and holders of such diploma/certificate are entitled to practice the particular Faculty/Faculties covered by the said Diploma/Certificates.

According to the Judgment of High Court Chenni, Planning Commission Report & The letter of Govt. (No. 110/8/4/77MPT/ME(P) 1979 & No 4-6/70 MPT of Govt. of India) The R.M.P (A.M) certificate Holder can practice in alternative medicine only. He cant practice in Surgery, Obstetrics & Radiation Therapy in any form. He can not prescribed any medicine includes 'G','H' & 'L' of Drugs & Cosmetic Rules 1945 and other Dangers Drug at any cost.

Please note that we are only the document receiving and checking center. All certificates and courses offered are processed by
Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research
(I.A.M.R), in Kolkata, India. We hold no responsibility or control on issuing or declining of any certificate. I.A.M.R is a private institute and is issuing certificates based on your merits.

We do not give any guarantee or warranty on the Guinness of any certificate issued by them. Since it is 10 years old institute registered with government of West Bengal. Students all over the world are getting their certification.

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